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With your enthusiasm and much needed support we can not only raise awareness of conservation issues for marine habitats and coastal communities but together we can do something about it.

There are many ways that you can get involved from donating, fundraising, giving presentation to kids in your school, buying from our store or shouting us out on social media.

In whatever capacity you wish to do so, we appreciate it very much.

Donations from like minds and activists like you will help protect marine biodiversity for future generations through our work on conservation and education initiatives in schools and communities affected by global warming.

You can donate with confidence, KidsofCoral is a registered charity with the charities regulator in the Republic of Ireland.

Ways to Donate

      What we do with Donations?

      We directly fund education and conservation initiatives based on the projects stated objectives.
      On 1st April every year we will publish an annual report with detailed information on objectives met, donations received and projects supported with our annual accounts.


      You can count on our full support if you would like to organise a awareness and fundraising campaign whether in your school, social network or workplace. Get in contact with us for more information and to let us know what we can do to help! Did you know that many businesses will match donations fundraised? You can email us directly here.

        KidsofCoral fund-raising kit

        Or you can download our KidsofCoral fund-raising kit here.
        We have included lost of ideas about how you may be able to build awareness of coral conservation as well as fundraise.

        Present at Your School

        Would you like to make a presentation and facilitate a discussion about KidsofCoral and marine conservation in your school?

        We have create a presentation slide deck, a set of discussion questions and a letter for your teacher to get time and support you need to build awareness of what we are doing.



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        your school

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