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There are many important issues affecting marine biodiversity globally, not least among them global warming and its impact on our oceans. We believe that one way we can help is to build awareness of the incredible life sustaining beauty that we are at great risk of losing.

The projects we support aim to target conservation issues with the active involvement of young people. What better ambassadors for conservation of the oceans of tomorrow that those who will inherit it from us.


Atauro Timor Leste

Atauro Island, Timor L’Este
We are proud to participate in and support our friends Marty and Mickey and the Ekipa Tasi Mos team who are well on their way to achieve their mission of gathering, analysing, educating and up-cycling plastic waste on Atauro and to preserve the delicate environment there that sustains so much life.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia
Working closely with local schools in Yenbeser, this project aims to broaden awareness of marine biodiversity and its value to the local community among primary school children and to provide two fully equipped dive scholarships to local youths from secondary school to create opportunities for locals in the ecotourism sector.

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